What National Multiple Sclerosis Society Has Contributed to MS Research Development

National Multiple Sclerosis Society has dedicated its organization to make the world free of multiple sclerosis. Bringing that vision, the society has conducted so many activities and made lots of contribution to the world. What are they? We’ve got the summary for you!

The Issue about MS Research Development
This society was established by Sylvia Lawry in 1946. At the time the society was established, the research about multiple sclerosis was almost absent. At that time, multiple sclerosis became a disease that required years to be diagnosed. Even worse, there were few therapies only who were proven to slow the causes and courses of multiple sclerosis.

Fortunately, things have started to change. After some decades spent researching multiple sclerosis, the basic immune workings along with the nervous systems have finally built a knowledge about critical platform that now can serve as a springboard for progresses.

The Society’s Achievement So far
The society has been reported to spend $974 million as a research investment. The research has been reported to make many advances. Those advances have created many different picture looks today. Some of which are:

– There are more and more therapies that are specifically approved to treat and manage multiple sclerosis. Besides, there are more multiple sclerosis therapies in today’s development than in any other years in history.

– Multiple sclerosis now can be diagnosed more quickly. This is surely essential as the quick diagnose can enable sustained and early therapy to slow the disease activity down.

– The research of this society has shown that there is increasing, better, and greater awareness toward the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Besides, there is way better awareness on how to address the symptoms to improve the patients’ quality of life.

– Scientists have been making breakthroughs in discovering the risk factors that can boost someone’s susceptibility to multiple sclerosis. Those breakthrough will surely help lead to the ways to prevent multiple sclerosis.

The achievement above shows that the society has slowly but sure made progress to the development of multiple sclerosis treatment and prevention. However, the society believes that there are still more things to do.

Multiple sclerosis is indeed a serious disease. It takes serious prevention so that the quality of human life can be increased. Thank to National Multiple Sclerosis Society for having contributed that much to the research development of this disease. Hopefully the disease can be ended soon.

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