How Multiple Sclerosis Occurred

Multiple Sclerosis or also known as MS is an impairment condition of the brain and spinal cord that cannot do the task normally due to the potentially autoimmune situation. Immune system in people with Multiple Sclerosis is attacking the sheath which protecting the nerve fibers. Therefore, people who live with Multiple Sclerosis will experience several problems in communication that connect the brain and all parts in the body. The damage that caused by specific unknown reason can be utterly permanent.

The symptoms show in people with Multiple Sclerosis are vary depends on how many nerve damage that occurring in the brain and cord. Nevertheless, there are some symptoms and signs that can be a caution to people who experience or notice other people that do these things. Part of the symptoms and signs of Multi Sclerosis are feeling numbness or weakness on one side of the body usually on limbs, legs, or trunk. Furthermore, loss of vision partially or completely can be sign of Multiple Sclerosis. Other clues that may lead to Multiple Sclerosis are double vision, get a sense of electric shock when move the neck, tremor, fatigue, dizziness, slurred speech, and even experience problems in bowel and bladder function.

How Multiple Sclerosis Occurred

To answer the question of how Multiple Sclerosis occurred is actually cannot be answered by the exact explanation because the cause of the Multiple Sclerosis itself have not been discovered yet. Nonetheless, Multiple Sclerosis is categorized as autoimmune disease because of the disease mechanism. The immune system attacks the body tissues and caused damage to the body. And in this case, the immune system attacks the fatty coat of the nerve fiber and leaves it uncovered. The transport work of this uncoated nerve then makes it slowing down or even blocks transfer of messages. Furthermore, the nerve can become damaged in later on.

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