Autoimmune Attack Causes Multiple Sclerosis

Another autoimmune disease that very rare yet very serious, Multiple Sclerosis, is categorized as the autoimmune disease which attack the nerve fiber coat called myelin. Immune system inside the body of people who develop Multiple Sclerosis thinks that the cover of the nerve fiber is a harmful substance that should be attacked and destroyed while the truth is otherwise. This is just a basic autoimmune mechanism where the immune system of someone’s body triggered by the false alarm and intends to attack the normal tissues of the body.

Back to Multiple Sclerosis , with the nerve fiber is being exposed, the work of the signalling process between the exposed nerve fiber and othe nerve fibers does not go very well. The communication can turn to be slower or even get blocked. Moreover, with the poor connection between nerve fibers and disrupt signalling process, the brain cannot make communication towards other parts of the body. With that being said, it can cause to numbness at a time in several parts in limbs, legs, or trunk with only the one side of it that get affected. Tremor or the lack of coordination due to the impairment of signalling nerves can also be the impact of the autoimmune disease named Multiple Sclerosis. Slurred speech, problems with vision, issues in the bowel and bladder function, electric sensation when change neck pose, feeling so much pain in multiple parts of the body, exhausted, and dizziness are also the signs and symptoms that follow Multiple Sclerosis.

Until now, the professionals and scientists cannot give the exact answer if it comes to the cause of Multiple Sclerosis. The specific cause indeed remains unknown. However, there are several aspects that known to link to the occurrence of Multiple Sclerosis such as sex, genetic, climate, other autoimmune diseases, virus infections, age, smoking, and race.

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