Multiple Sclerosis: Autoimmune that Involving Myelin Damage

Multiple Sclerosis: Autoimmune that Involving Myelin Damage – Multiple Sclerosis is included into the autoimmune classes in disease type. Autoimmune that is occurring inside people with Multiple Sclerosis is just a common autoimmune mechanism, only this time the target of the self-attack is the coat of nerve fiber. Immune system in people live with Multiple Sclerosis attacks the sheath that protects the nerve fiber. The protective coat surround the nerve fiber called myelin is being attacked by the body immune system. This causes myelin damage and finally can lead to the communication damage between the brain and the rest of the body parts. More seriously, the damage caused by the false alarm made by immune system can become a permanent damage of the myelin.

Multiple Sclerosis can be noticed by its symptoms and signs. Usually people with Multiple Sclerosis will perform some signs like tremor, problems in the function of bowel and bladder, loss vision, and double vision. Several symptoms that may be seen in people develop Multiple Sclerosis such as feeling weakness or numbness in the limbs area only on one side of it. The numbness can also be felt on the legs and trunk. Other symptoms are including unclear speech, dizziness, fatigue, and the sensations of electric shock every time moving the neck.

Multiple Sclerosis Autoimmune that Involving Myelin Damage

There is unknown cause of Multiple Sclerosis. This still remains blurry why some people can develop Multiple Sclerosis while some other does not. However, several researches suggest that Multiple Sclerosis can grow from preventable and non-preventable risk factors. Genetic, age, sex, race, and particular autoimmune diseases can be the risk factors for the developing of Multiple Sclerosis. Nevertheless, those risk factors could not be avoided. On the other hand, climate, smoking, and certain infections are something that we can change to build more supportive environment. Person’s habits can cause him to experience cell damage such as smoking and drinking while relaxing or spending time playing online gambling on sites. Smoking definitely increases the chance of Multiple Sclerosis as well as getting affected by particular viruses.

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