Good News Today: Ofatumumab Can Be the Promising Drug for Multiple Sclerosis Relapses

Good News Today: Ofatumumab Can Be the Promising Drug for Multiple Sclerosis Relapses – Multiple Sclerosis can be a dangerous disease since there is no cure yet. Most of the patients get worse conditions which can limit their ability to do daily tasks. The worst is that there is no exact reason why people can get this disease. But, the good news is that you can have better life expectancy when you are treated well, including the new invention related to the injection drug called Ofatumumab.
– Ofatumumab for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
This is great news for MS patients because on August 19, 2020, a new drug called Ofatumumab was introduced. The drug has been approved by FDA or Food and Drug Administration as a treatment option for MS patients. And this summer, more than 900 people got ofatumumab in a multi-center clinical trial.

This new drug is actually not that new because it is one of the drugs used to treat some blood cancers. However, a study was conducted in 37 countries with around 1800 people to see how this drug helped MS patients. The patients underwent two trials to compare ofatumumab and Aubagio. The study shows positive results from patients who take ofatumumab. You can also get positive results.

– The Results of Taking Ofatumumab
Ofatumumab works to manage the immune system by targeting B cells. During the study, 346 patients received subcutaneous injections of 20 mg ofatumumab once a month. The result shows that MS patients get 51% lower annual relapse compared with Aubagio. But if you get a lower income during the pandemic.

During the first three or six months, the patients showed significant progress. Patients get a lower chance of disability within six months and lower MRI lesions. Other than that, patients also reported getting lower neurofilament light chains compared to Aubagio. In terms of safety, the patients who take ofatumumab get lower side effects than patients who take Aubagio.

In terms of side effects, some patients reported getting injection site reactions, herpes, headaches, and an increase in upper and lower respiratory tract infections.

Ofatumumab has been approved and showed great results in lowering MS relapses. The drug also shows that patients show lower numbers of new inflammation.

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