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Angie Bennett

HEROES Angie Bennett


My hero does not wear camouflage or any kind of military insignia. She has never fired a weapon nor has she learned any self-defense techniques. My hero cannot throw a football seventy-five yards, run a 4.3 second forty, or perform a "pick-n-roll". If the fact be known, she has very little athletic prowess at all. My hero has never run into a burning building and rescued someone or saved a person from drowning (she is scared of water). She has never done any of the above. I am certain that you are wondering by now, how can she be considered a hero, athletic or otherwise? Well, my hero is my wife who battles a monster from Hell every day!. He looms over her, taking away the basic elementary activities that individuals perform in everyday life. I am confident that you are asking yourself, what kind of hellish monster would wreck this much havoc on a person's life? Well, this threatening demon is called MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, a disease of the central nervous system that affects everything in the body - vision, coordination, balance, bowels, continence. In addition to the physical aspects, there is even more of a devastating emotional impact, including loss of pride and self-worth.
-By Al Bennet