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Dr. Jack Llewellyn is a world-renowned sports psychology consultant, speaker and corporate coach, who helps clients use the same approach and strategies used by world famous athletes to properly assess their abilities, correctly focus on the right processes to reach goals, thrive on stress, and recover quickly from adversity in order to become top performers. Being an MS patient, Dr. Llewellyn has also developed nationally recognized programs for people with chronic illnesses mental training tools needed for a winning attitude.

Ive spent many years talking with athletes, corporate executives, salespeople and people with chronic illness, especially those folks with multiple sclerosis, about the importance of being able to recover quickly from adversity. The book, Get the Mud out of the Water, is a result of those experiences and offers you a very practical, workable, step-by-step program for quick recovery. According to Dr. Llewellyn, you can learn how to get the most from every day, for the rest of your life by learning how to deal with the mud in the water. Loosely defined, mud in the water consists of thoughts, ideas, concerns, and anything else that is in your thought processing system. Your mind will never be clear, but you can prioritize your thoughts.

I have spent almost 40 years trying to help athletes and corporate employees get the mud out of the water, helping them to clear their minds as much as possible in order to recover more quickly from adversity.

After I was diagnosed with MS, I was privileged to start a journey with patients that has continued around the U.S. I never realized that I was going to be able to influence peoples lives or at the very least to cause people to think about their lives and realize what they had to offer not only to themselves but to other people. Every person must make a decision every time adversity rears its ugly head. At least if you have the appropriate tools in your bag, you will be equipped to make a decision, to set a course of action and to execute to recovery.