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GENEROSITY IN ACTION: Kim Shaw Gives Donation in Mother's Honor to Band Against MS

At the River City Rodeo in Omaha, Nebraska on September 23, 2011, Kim Shaw of Bassett, Nebraska presented multi-platinum recording artist Clay Walker a donation in her mother's name, Nancy Grosshans, to Band Against MS.

Kim fell ill and was diagnosed with MS in 2001. 

"My mother was devastated with the diagnosis.  She had already lost a son and now I was diagnosed with a progressive-debilitating disease with no cure," said Kim.

In April 2009, Kim and Nancy traveled from Nebraska, joined by her brother Gregg Grosshans from Oklahoma, to Houston, Texas for the BPMS150 bicycle ride hosted by the National MS Society.  All three were a part of Clay Walker's Band Against MS (BAMS) Bike Team.  Gregg rode with the team, while Kim and Nancy supported the event on the sidelines.

 "Mom and I were both in tears at the finish line, seeing 13,000+ riders and over 5,000 volunteers come together all for one reason: to help raise money to find a cure for MS.  It really was a life-changing event.  Mom was amazed that there were so many people with us in the fight against MS," recalled Kim.

Kim began working with BAMS in 2009 and continues to support the organization, as does her brother, Gregg.  Her mother, Nancy, passed away in July 2010.

"My mom really took to the BAMS organization and to Clay Walker.  She was very thankful for Clay's inspiration to me," stated Kim.  "I really want to thank Clay.  He gave my mom hope for me.  Clay is someone that I truly look up to and I am continually inspired by the drive and desire he exhibits, while living with Multiple Sclerosis; it's uplifting to those of us who also suffer from the disease.  I felt it was the least I could do to make a donation to BAMS in my mother's name," said Kim.  "I really feel that BAMS has a lot of wonderful things to offer, I am extremely excited for the future and continuing to work with BAMS and finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis," added Kim. Back