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Clay Walker

Multi-platinum country music artist Clay Walker opens up about his Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. The father of five is happy to report he's exceeded all expectations and now hopes to educate others on the illness. Clay discusses his passion for growing his own food on his farm and shares stories of competing in the rodeo. Now, he's taken up acting and is about to make his big screen debut in "Alone Yet Not Alone." Clay is also hard at work putting the finishing touches on his 12th studio album. Today, he debuts the title track, "Long Live the Cowboy," and introduces us to all his band members.

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Clay Walker has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for 18 years. His MS has been kept at bay with the medication Copaxone. For more information about MS, go to bandagainstms.org.

"Alone Yet Not Alone" opens in theaters on June 13.