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Posted on 05.11.2012
Multiple Sclerosis, Nutrition And Exercise

Nutrition with MS

  • Good nutrition is important for all of us but for people with MS it is vital. Your MS can be unpredictable, but what you eat does not have to be. Try to:

  • Maintain a healthy weight- watch your calorie intake and exercise

  • Eat a variety of food- lean meats, fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts

  • Drink plenty of water- you should get at least 1 ml of water per calorie; ex. 2000 ml (2L of water) for 2000 calories

  • Watch "special" diets- some may be harmful because they have to much or not enough of certain vitamins and nutrients

  • A good rule of thumb is to follow the food guide pyramid available at the USDA Food and Nutrition Information Center

Exercise with MS

Exercise can be more difficult for people with MS, but there are ways to exercise for all ability levels. People with MS react to exercise the same as those without MS: they are healthier. Regularly exercising can help improve:

  • Heart Health

  • Strength

  • Fatigue and Depression

  • Bowel and Bladder Function

Keep in mind that some people with MS have problems with heat sensitivity increasing their symptoms. Make sure you stop exercising if you have any numbness, blurred vision or tingling when you are exercising. Sometimes taking a cool shower, drinking cool drinks or getting in cold water prior to or during exercise can overcome heat sensitivity.

Above all, ask your doctor before beginning any exercise programs and formulate one that is right for you.

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